It's important to understand your pension is an investment so its value can go down as well as up and you may get back less than was paid in.

Your pension investments: a quick intro

This video explains

  • Why people invest
  • The different types of investments
  • How to balance risk and return

Choosing investments

It's up to you how your plan is invested - and how involved you want to be.

You may decide to leave it to an expert and use a "ready-made" lifestyle profile. Or if you have the knowledge, time and confidence, you might decide to manage your investments yourself.

Your investment options

Responsible investing

There are many different approaches in this area of investing – whether you want to generally avoid companies involved in harmful practices and focus more on responsible companies, or to tap into specific ethical, environmental or social themes. You can find out more about these approaches and the investment options we offer in our Responsible Investment guide on 

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