What does the Committee do?

The Committee monitors the BTRSS and reports to BT so that BT can make changes if necessary. Some of the things the Committee considers are:

  • whether Standard Life Assurance Limited is operating the BTRSS in line with good market practice
  • the range of investment funds available and the suitability of the default investment option
  • the way information about the BTRSS is communicated to members
  • changes in the law that affect pensions, and their impact on the BTRSS
  • suggestions made by members

Who is on the Committee?

There are five members of the Committee. Two members are appointed by BT and two are selected by the unions. BT also appoints an independent chairperson, in agreement with the unions.

  • Anna Eagles - independent Chairman
  • Marc Bergen - appointed by BT
  • Bob Costa - appointed by BT
  • Ian Varnes - selected by trade union (Prospect)
  • David Stuart - selected by trade union (CWU)

The members of the Committee normally serve a three-year term. After that they are required to re-apply for membership.

Standard Life Assurance Limited acts as Secretary to the Committee and any enquiries should be addressed to Standard Life.

When does the Committee meet?

The Committee has a regular meeting once a quarter. Meetings are also held to discuss any issues that arise in between their quarterly meetings.